Biden Announces New Methane Rule at COP26

Biden Announces New Methane Rule at COP26

November 5, 2021

Biden had an obviously tiring time at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow this week. From pledging billions of taxpayer dollars to announcing a new rule on methane, it is no wonder he needed to take a quick nap. But before Biden left COP26, he announced his parting gift, an assault on methane.

The Washington Post explains the new and controversial proposed ruling:

Proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency would establish standards for old wells, impose more frequent and stringent leak monitoring, and require the capture of natural gas that is found alongside oil and is often released into the atmosphere. They mark the first time the federal government has moved to comprehensively tackle the seepage of methane from U.S. oil and gas infrastructure.

It is no surprise that this proposal is being criticized.

“Republicans said the new EPA rule is ill-timed, as much of the world faces an energy crunch heading into winter. “This move by the Biden administration is yet another attack on U.S. energy,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.”

It is disappointing that our president decided to jet overseas with the current energy crisis and continues to attack those who are keeping the lights on at home.