Biden Announces Expensive Plan to Refill Oil Reserve that He Drained

Biden Announces Expensive Plan to Refill Oil Reserve that He Drained

May 5, 2022

President Biden continues to show just how out of touch he is with the energy sector. The Biden administration has announced a plan to refill our emergency oil reserve, you know, the one he drained at the end of March.

CNN reports:

“This would mark the first time since the early 2000s that the Energy Department has acquired large quantities of oil for the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), the largest emergency supply of oil on the planet.”

Bob McNally, who in the early 2000s oversaw the Energy Department’s plans to refill the SPR under President George W. Bush, discusses how careless Congress has been when dealing with the reserve.  

“Congress has been irresponsibly selling the SPR down,” McNally said. “Draining the reserve leaves the country and the world more vulnerable to geopolitical shocks.”

The Biden/Harris administration lacks common sense. They plan to buy oil at high prices while simultaneously shutting down our oil production.

PTF’s Founder Daniel Turner discusses this bold move from the President.

“President Biden drained our strategic reserve to try to cover for his energy failures and now he’s going to double-down on this lunacy by replacing affordable, American oil with high-priced oil, likely produced from outside our country…None of this is going to help Americans who are facing massive inflation and record-setting gas prices, but that doesn’t matter to President Biden as he only wants to cover-up his failures through the midterms.”