Biden Aims to Finish the War On Coal

Biden Aims to Finish the War On Coal

May 11, 2023

Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new mandates. Under the EPA’s proposed rule, most traditional energy power plants would have to undergo significant renovations or shut down entirely in 17 years.

“Joe Biden is hell bent on finishing the war on coal that Barack Obama launched more than a decade ago, ignoring Congress, the Supreme Court and reality in the process,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Over the last year, the Biden Administration has tried to take away nearly every appliance in our house and now he’s after the electricity that makes them run, all by executive mandate. Good luck selling this job killer in states like West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania that rely on the industries Biden is seeking to destroy. In the United States, the President is accountable to the people, no matter how much Joe Biden wants to coronate himself as the Green King.”

The Associated Press reports on the proposed rule,

“The Biden administration proposed new limits Thursday on greenhouse gas emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants, its most ambitious effort yet to roll back planet-warming pollution from the nation’s second-largest contributor to climate change…If finalized, the proposed regulation would mark the first time the federal government has restricted carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, which generate about 25% of U.S. greenhouse gas pollution, second only to the transportation sector. The rule also would apply to future electric plants and would avoid up to 617 million metric tons of carbon dioxide through 2042, equivalent to annual emissions of 137 million passenger vehicles, the EPA said.”

The proposed mandate comes less than a year after the Supreme Court ruled against the EPA for overreach of their powers in the landmark ruling West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. Senator Manchin announced yesterday that he will block the remaining EPA in response to the government overreach.