Biden Agrees with Al Gore on Banning Gas-Powered Cars

Biden Agrees with Al Gore on Banning Gas-Powered Cars

April 23, 2020

According to Townhall:

During his [Al Gore’s] virtual endorsement of a fellow former vice president, Gore suggested that if elected, Biden should ban gasoline-powered vehicles. This radical proposal is a provision present in the Green New Deal. Despite his continued promise to hold moderate policy stances, Biden agreed with Gore.

Desperate to gain support within his own party, presidential candidate Joe Biden leans into the far left’s environmental radicalism hoping to gain the support of young voters.

Climate issues are high priority for progressive voters, a young voting block that is not thrilled, to say the least, that Biden emerged from the Democratic primary victorious over Sens. Sanders and Warren. The former vice president, and soon-to-be presidential nominee, will have to court and appease these voters, many of whom liken Biden to Republicans when it comes to policy.

With the current coronavirus crisis crippling the country, especially the oil and gas industry, Biden’s continued campaign against the energy sector is tone-deaf to the thousands of American energy workers who have lost their jobs over the past few weeks.

The economy is struggling as the nation deals with this pandemic, but the stabilizing influence of the natural gas and oil sector will play a major role in the recovery process. Joe Biden’s recent policy stances on the energy sector shows how detached he is from American’s heartland and oblivious to the necessity that the industry provides to middle-American communities.