Biden Administration Blocking Oil and Gas Lease Sales in the Gulf of Mexico

Biden Administration Blocking Oil and Gas Lease Sales in the Gulf of Mexico

July 7, 2022

President Biden and his administration continue to try and blame oil companies for record-high prices but then quietly propose rules that would allow only ten lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and potentially prohibit any lease sales. 

Santa Barbara News-Press reports on the rule proposal:

“These potential lease sales, including in the GOM, could be further refined and targeted, based on public input and analysis, prior to program approval,” the announcement read. “The Final Program also may include fewer potential lease sales, including no lease sales.”

The Ranking Member of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Bruce Westerman (R-AR), spoke on this new ruling. 

“DOI’s statement that the final plan may contain zero lease sales is deeply concerning and would be unprecedented. This administration continues demolishing access to American resources, and we are paying the price at the pump, at the grocery store, and in our family budgets,” Rep. Westerman said. “There is absolutely no reasonable explanation why we cannot tap into our resources here at home and at least have a plan heading in the right direction to ease soaring energy costs. This administration adds a new dimension to incompetence and worse than that, they are unwilling to listen to anyone who can help them do the right thing.”’

The hypocrisy with the Biden/Harris administration never ends. The President will continue to blame oil prices on Putin and the oil companies while touting that he is doing everything possible to lower costs. But the reality is that his administration is sabotaging the oil and gas industry, and Americans are paying the price.