Better in Texas

Better in Texas

July 11, 2018

It’s unknown if Rick Trevino was talking about oil when he wrote this song back in 2006, but one thing is certain: Texas is doing well.

In fact, the Lone Star State was recently ranked the best state to do business. Of all its more than 350,000 jobs created this year, the energy sector created the most.

What does this mean for the citizens of Texas?  How about $4.35 billion in new state revenue. That’s money for education and infrastructure.  That’s support for the needy, bus upgrades, and bike lanes.  It’s thriving communities, independent families, and bright futures.

Now, there is one caveat: Texas is sitting on a lottery ticket.  The Permian Basin is a huge boon to the state’s economic growth, and not every state can be so lucky.  But those states that have been blessed with natural resources (Alaska, Louisiana, Colorado, West Virginia, Ohio, etc) could be in such great shape.

The coal industry has been decimated, and states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio have suffered the consequences of the ideological war on coal perpetrated by the previous administration.  We document it at  New Mexico is facing a leftist-driven ban on energy exploration that we document here.  Louisiana is struggling with constant arrests of green activists who are threatening the safety of energy workers so much so that the legislature had to pass special protections for them.  Alaska is finally allowing energy exploration in ANWR, but the attacks from environmental activists have yet to begin.

We can have both a healthy planet and a robust economy.  We can have a clean earth and growing prosperity.  All of America could look like Texas.  Power The Future will do our part to advance this perspective for the good of the men and women who work in the energy industry.