Bernie Sanders and AOC Introduce the Green New Deal for Public Housing

Bernie Sanders and AOC Introduce the Green New Deal for Public Housing

November 14, 2019

Senator Sanders and Representative Ocasio-Cortez – a truly dangerous duo – announced they plan to introduce their new legislation, the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act this afternoon.

The Washington Post reports:

The bill, dubbed the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act, would use seven grant programs to upgrade housing units into carbon-neutral communities with organic grocery stores, on-site child care and community gardens. Residents of public housing would be given preference in hiring to renovate those units.

The bill would cost between $119 billion and $172 billion over the next decade, according to estimates developed by Data for Progress, a progressive think tank. It would create up to 240,723 jobs a year, the group estimated.

What the eco-left fails to see is the negative impact this would have on the American economy and the drastically large number of jobs that would be lost versus “created” if passed. Some labor unions have spoken out and shown opposition to a climate plan that would move the country away from fossil fuels due to the major loss of jobs and inevitable disruption to the economy.

“It is difficult to take this unrealistic manifesto seriously, but the economic and social devastation it would cause if it moves forward is serious and real,” Terry O’Sullivan, the president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, said after the text was released from the original Green New Deal.

The socialist duo seems to believe if you call something “Green” and claim it is good for the environment, you can apply it to any big government program.  Childcare?  Organic grocery stores?  What do they have to do with the “existential threat” of climate change?  If this is the new approach, Power The Future will begin its own rebranding effort.  Green New ANWR Deal.  Green New Pro-Fracking Deal.  Green New Stop Buying Chinese Coal and Support Appalachia Deal.  There.  We will start calling ourselves Power The Green New Deal Future.  

Hopefully, Congress will once again kill this new version of the socialist plan that has failed time and time again.