Berkeley Bans Natural Gas In New Homes and Restaurants

Berkeley Bans Natural Gas In New Homes and Restaurants

July 18, 2019

Are you an aspiring home cook? Do you like to watch and replicate the dishes on the Food Network? Perhaps you even own a restaurant and rely on food for your livelihood.

Or do you use gas to heat your home and keep your family safe?

Well, if you live in Berkeley, California, you can thank extreme eco-politicians for making your life a Kitchen Nightmare.

On Tuesday, Berkeley, California became the first city in America to “kick natural gas out of homes and businesses.” Under a new law passed by the city, natural gas will be banned from most new homes and businesses, including restaurants that use natural gas for stoves.

“Environmentalists are hailing it as the first city to enact such a prohibition,” Bloomberg reports. “In California alone, more than 50 cities are considering banning the fuel’s use in all new construction.”

Berkeley, California has long been a hotbed of eco-extremism. They’ve already banned plastic straws and mandated “compostable food packaging.” This decision to ban natural gas, according to the Sierra Club, is “a roadmap for other counties and cities across the country to follow.”

This is eco-madness. For people and restaurants, there are major advantages to gas cooking, including finer temperature control, quicker temperature response times, easy cleaning, and reliability when the power goes out. Gas heating is typically “half the price of electric heating.”

But Berkeley says you should not have a say in the matter. It’s all-electric, all-the time, no matter the cost or inconvenience.

When groups like the Sierra Club are cheering restrictions on your freedom, it is apparent just how extreme these eco-groups can be.