As Local Elections Approach Across Alaska, Choose Wisely

As Local Elections Approach Across Alaska, Choose Wisely

September 27, 2021

Alaska seems to sit in perpetual “elections mode”.  With various local elections happening across the state in April, October, and November each year, Alaskans always seem to be hearing about the latest and greatest campaign promises from incumbents and challengers alike.  Biannual state and federal elections, with a potentially redistricted 2022 cycle, will bring even more election happenings, promises and shenanigans.

Power The Future wants to remind its audience to pay attention to what elected officials and politicians are saying about energy, climate and ‘going green’, especially as endorsements roll in from environmental groups, who only want to dim Alaska’s bright energy future.

Philosophies surrounding ‘just transition’, a ‘renewables-above-all’ approach, and a ‘leave it in the ground’ strategy are job-killing for the quarter of private-sector Alaskans directly or indirectly supported by our oil and gas industry. 

If candidates want to ‘revolutionize’ or ‘modernize’ infrastructure, in an effort to curb a ‘climate crisis’, what they really want to do is increase your energy costs.  That is the result of these policies.  We only need look at California, New Mexico, and the entire continent of Europe for examples of these terrible philosophies in action. 

Ultimately, elections are decided by a small minority of voters, as most local elections in our state see turnouts of less than a quarter of all registered voters.  It is imperative that Alaskans make their voices heard, so that the eco-Left and their radical ideas don’t make additional inroads in the Great Land.