As Another Bank Kowtows to Eco-Extremists, Alaskans Fight Back

As Another Bank Kowtows to Eco-Extremists, Alaskans Fight Back

February 27, 2020

Jason Brune had seen this before.  And he was ticked off.

Tuesday’s announcement that JP Morgan Chase would no longer be financing development of oil and gas projects in the Arctic – joining Goldman Sachs, who announced the same decision last December – didn’t sit well with Brune, the Commissioner for Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Brune, more than just about anyone in the state, knows how companies working to bring Alaska’s vast natural resources to market do so with responsibility, safety and with care for the environment at the forefront of each day’s activity.

He also knew that JP Morgan Chase’s decision had nothing to do with care for the environment, as they claimed, especially since, back in December, they announced that they’d be significantly increasing their investment in China – the world’s greatest polluting country.

So when Brune got home Tuesday night, he did what he could to protest JP Morgan Chase’s misguided business decision.  He cut up his Chase credit card and posted about it on Facebook.

Alaska’s Permanent Fund is heavily invested with JP Morgan Chase* as well – something noted by Governor Mike Dunleavy in a Tweet he sent shortly after the announcement.

The fact that Alaskans are pushing back against these financial behemoths and the decisions they’ve made to kowtow to eco-extremists is refreshing.  Imagine if Americans spoke with their wallets more vociferously than they do now.  Maybe the shrill, whiny voices of the radical environmental movement would be drowned out by logic, and JP Morgan Chase and others would see the Arctic for the investing possibility it is once again.

Power The Future applauds Jason Brune and Governor Dunleavy for pushing back, as their actions help protect Alaska’s energy workers and their jobs from the “feelings-over-facts” cries of the eco-Left.