Arizona Rejects Steyer’s Dirty Money

Arizona Rejects Steyer’s Dirty Money

March 23, 2018

Elected officials from both parties in Arizona have pushed back on California billionaire Tom Steyer’s efforts to buy an amendment of the Arizona State constitution. Steyer thought his spending could force the legislature into do his bidding, rewriting Arizona’s energy future according to his own vision and desire.

As one legislator said:

“Take your money and go someplace else…Arizona’s constitution is not for sale.”

Unpopular people try to buy friends and favor. Everyone likes a free lunch! Well, Tom Steyer’s vision for America’s energy isn’t popular (or smart), and he thought he could just buy popularity.

As he continues to travel around the country (using the energy provided by hard working men and women) on a political tour, it’s good to see one state is rejecting this vision.

Steyer should keep his money and terrible ideas at home. America doesn’t want them.