Apple Forces Clean Energy on Consumers

Apple Forces Clean Energy on Consumers

March 3, 2023

Apple iPhone users are fired up on social media after discovering the company’s new automatic feature. Apple introduced “clean energy charging” in October 2022 with the IOS 16.1 update. Your iPhone automatically opts into this feature which is very controversial as it slows down your phone’s charging time. 

Fox Business reports,  

“The company claims that when the mode is enabled, and a phone is connected to a charger, the iPhone gets a report of carbon emissions generated by the local energy grid and uses that information to determine when to charge the phone.”

Apple has had controversy with automatically turning on features or downloading a whole album to your phone without permission. Now they are tapping into how you can use energy sources. Consumers deserve to fully understand what is happening with their devices. 

Power The Future Communications Director Larry Behrens recently wrote about Apple’s hypocrisy in the Daily Caller this week,  

“The time to raise the question about our energy future and security is now. Our country is blessed with an abundant supply of resources right below our feet that can power our nation on our terms. We are just missing the political will to do so. As a private company, Apple has decided to work with communists by promoting their climate agenda. That doesn’t mean our political leaders should take the same route and surrender our energy future to them as well. We deserve energy that says “Made in the USA,” no matter who it offends.”