Appeasing Climate Alarmists, POTUS Forgets “Development” in New Arctic Strategy

Appeasing Climate Alarmists, POTUS Forgets “Development” in New Arctic Strategy

October 12, 2022

This week’s announcement of the White House’s new Arctic Strategy showed that the Biden administration continues to be focused on the wrong things.

The four-tiered plan – an update to the Obama administration’s 2013 design – includes climate change but fails to mention how to decrease reliance on China, Russia and other foreign countries by unleashing Alaska’s mineral and energy opportunities.

By focusing on climate, rather than sustained responsible development of oil, gas and minerals, the Biden White House continues to pander to the eco-left and its mission to weaken America’s energy independence, even as it gives lip service to how important it is to establish domestic supplies of those same products.

Both of Alaska’s U.S. Senators noted as much in their statements following the release of the strategic document: 

“The strategy suggests that critical minerals can be produced in the Arctic, but the administration’s obstruction of the Ambler Road project makes it impossible to take that seriously,” noted Lisa Murkowski, while Dan Sullivan stressed that “the administration needs to undertake a dramatic course correction on resource development opportunities in the Arctic.”

The Arctic’s importance in having the U.S. maintain energy independence, national security, and economic resiliency cannot be ignored.  Team Biden has yet to take its foot off Alaska’s energy community since it took office in January, 2021, with the new Arctic Strategy just another press on the Great Land’s neck.