AOC Admits Defeat: Will Break Up Her Green New Deal

AOC Admits Defeat: Will Break Up Her Green New Deal

September 11, 2019

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rolled out her “Green New Deal” earlier this year, she was instantly mocked for including a host of non-environmental policies as part of the plan. Everything from a government takeover of healthcare to paying those “unwilling” to work was thrust into the “Green New Deal,” and it left even environmentalists scratching their heads.

For those of us who understood that AOC’s goal was not just an environmentalist takeover of American life, but also a socialist takeover, this made sense. She was using the environmental left as a means to institute her socialist agenda.

But when she got her chance for politicians to vote on the package, it failed miserably, receiving not a single vote of support in the Senate. Now, AOC is changing her tune.

The Washington Examiner reports that AOC is “breaking up” her “Green New Deal” and will move forward with it “in pieces.”

“We are breaking it up into parts,” said Ocasio-Cortez. As the Washington Examiner explains, AOC will first put forward legislation to force a transition to electric vehicles, and will also put forward a plan to force a transition to “carbon-neutral buildings.”

AOC might think this is a clever strategy, but it’s doubtful it will work. First, everyone knows that her goal is a socialist takeover of the country. She’s not fooling anyone to that fact.

Second, even the constituent parts of the “Green New Deal” are problematic. Will politicians really force people to get rid of their perfectly good internal combustion engines? Will they actually vote to make building and home prices more expensive?

AOC’s move to break up the “Green New Deal” is one of desperation. It’s an admission of defeat because American see she does not have their best interests at heart.