Anti-Development Event Completely Misses Its Own Irony

Anti-Development Event Completely Misses Its Own Irony

October 18, 2023

Every now and then, we come across events that make us shake our heads, wondering what the organizers are thinking.

One such event is tomorrow’s rally in Anchorage, Alaska.  Titled ‘Defend the Sacred: Extraction is NOT Our Way of Life’, it hopes to rally people to action against energy creation in Alaska, and to ‘…stand in solidarity with community leaders and members this week as we all work to advocate for meaningful decision making that truly protects our ways of life.’

There would be disastrous impacts to Alaska’s economy, families and future if they got their way and oil, gas and mining development disappeared from the state.  But, in the context of their rallying cries of saving rural (subsistence-based) living and protecting fish and wildlife from extractive industries and activities, the organizers completely miss an obvious point:

Without extractive industries – and the products and biproducts they ultimately help bring to market – life in Alaska would be vastly different…and much harder.

It is because of extraction that our homes have heat and electricity (mostly through LNG and coal), our boats, snowmachines, planes and other ‘toys’ have gas, our fishing poles, nets and gear exist, our rifles have scopes and ammunition, and our safety is enhanced through wireless devices, GPS tracking and navigation aides.

Simply put, extraction allows us to live, work and play in Alaska, and to do so while balancing environmental stewardship and responsible development at the highest level.

That’s something that should be celebrated, not rallied against.  We hope tomorrow’s organizers reflect on that and change their tune moving forward, working for a better Alaska, instead of against our bright future.