Another Failed Electric Vehicle Road Trip

Another Failed Electric Vehicle Road Trip

October 27, 2023

If you asked a climate activist if they would take an electric vehicle on a road trip, they would most likely answer yes without hesitation. But what happens when they actually take that road trip and then get stuck on a farm in Minnesota because there are no chargers around? 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a New York Times reporter’s harrowing road trip and his conclusion that electric cars are not ready for prime time.

“The Times identifies David Gelles as “a correspondent on the Climate desk,” suggesting he’s at least open to the idea of inefficient transport. Sure enough, Mr. Gelles reports in the Times’s Climate Forward newsletter that he’s had good experiences with Tesla and its charging network. But he says his recent reservation for a Tesla rental wasn’t honored in Minneapolis and he got more than he bargained for when he accepted an all-electric Volvo C40 Recharge instead. Mr. Gelles now writes that “the nation’s E.V. infrastructure is not ready for prime time. I recently found this out the hard way.”’

If you need more proof that electric vehicles are not the future, many car companies are slowing down on production or delaying opening factors due to the low demand.

“General Motors is delaying the opening of a large electric-pickup-truck factory in Michigan, the latest sign that the auto industry’s enthusiasm around EVs is starting to wane as sales growth for these models slows…The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Ford is considering canceling a shift of factory production on its electric F-150 Lightning pickup as sales for that model wane.”

First Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s failed road trip and now this, when will the eco-left learn? EVs are expensive and unreliable, and we do not have the infrastructure for them.