Another Enemy Of Coal Set To Enter 2020 Presidential Race

Another Enemy Of Coal Set To Enter 2020 Presidential Race

November 8, 2019

It was reported yesterday that former NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was actively trying to qualify for the primary in Alabama, which has an early filing deadline. 

The New York Times notes:

Mr. Bloomberg has prepared to enter presidential races before, in 2016 and then earlier this year, only to pull back in the end. Yet in those flirtations with the presidency, Mr. Bloomberg has never taken the step of filing to put his name on a state ballot.

In a Democratic race, Mr. Bloomberg would face a battery of complicated questions about his political ideology and governing record. He has been a vigorous advocate for core liberal causes, like gun control and battling climate change.

There could be hidden motives for these candidates when it comes to climate change and how they use it in their 2020 platforms. The Wall Street Journal is out with a story this morning titled “Climate Activists Try to Harness Young Voters’ ‘Existential Anxiety.’”

And last week the Washington Times wrote a piece titled “Bloomberg’s climate agenda finds success with privately funded state prosecutor in New Mexico.” They noted some of the recent discoveries PTF has come across:

The report, obtained through an open records request by Power the Future, offers the first public glimpse at the work being done by the Bloomberg legal fellows, or special assistant attorneys general, since the hotly debated program was announced in 2017.

Larry Behrens, Western States Director of Power the Future, an all-of-the-above energy advocacy group, said the four-page document from the New Mexico attorney general’s office shows that the embedded climate advocates are influencing state decision-making.

Stay tuned as PTF will continue to uncover more about Mr. Bloomberg’s REAL climate agenda…