Anchorage Assembly Threatens Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Over Eklutna Hydro Plans

Anchorage Assembly Threatens Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Over Eklutna Hydro Plans

February 22, 2024

When they don’t win, they simply try to change the rules.

The final proposal for the 35-year reauthorization on the Eklutna Hydro fish and wildlife agreement isn’t due for another 60 days, but that’s not stopping the Anchorage Assembly’s leadership from threatening a lawsuit on a plan they’ve not even seen.

If that sounds far-fetched, think again.  The left-dominated Assembly wants nothing to do with the actual terms of the 1991 Fish and Wildlife agreement, under which Eklutna’s owners are mandated to ‘mitigate and enhance’ the project’s impacts on the river ecosystem.  Joined by other eco-left groups, want destroy the agreement, which would threaten not only the hydro power itself, but also 90% of Anchorage’s fresh drinking water supply.

In a video interview with a local TV station, Assembly Chair Chris Constant threatened a lawsuit if the petulant Assembly didn’t get its way, saying “I think we have a difference of facts going on here, and we’ll have to resolve the difference in facts in the place we do that.”  Expect to see the lawsuit brought up under a special meeting of the Assembly reportedly being called for tomorrow night.

The Assembly, in addition to calling for full restoration, has demanded the Eklutna project owners ‘pause’ the process for up to two years, to allow for further study.  As pointed out previously by Power The Future, this is nothing more than a cheap delay tactic because they know they won’t win a fair fight.  The terms call for a final proposal to be made public in April, then sent to Governor Dunleavy for his approval, rejection or modification by October.

This is nothing more than the eco-left threatening more lawfare to try and sway an honest process. For more information, you can visit the project’s website at