Americans See the Truth About Rising Gas Prices

Americans See the Truth About Rising Gas Prices

April 13, 2022

This week the White House is trying to distract the American people with a somewhat positive jobs report. But Americans are more worried about the economy, record high inflation and increasing gas prices. Yesterday, President Biden even tried to claim he was doing everything to lower the price of gasoline.

Fox News reports:

President Biden on Tuesday said he is doing “everything” within his power to “bring down the price” of gas across the nation, saying family budgets and Americans’ abilities to “fill up” their gas tanks should not “hinge on whether a dictator” like Russian President Vladimir Putin “declares war” or “commits genocide.”

Americans aren’t buying it.

A recent CBS News Poll shows that 65% of Americans believe Biden could be doing more to lower gas prices. The same poll discusses how families are shifting their budgets as inflation continue to rise, with 53% cutting back on food/groceries. This is unacceptable; families have sacrificed a lot the past two years due to the pandemic and will continue to sacrifice as the Biden/Harris administration continues to drop the ball. Hopefully, this administration sees the light soon and reverses their eco-left policies that have taken away our energy independence.