Americans Dissatisfied with Electric Vehicles

Americans Dissatisfied with Electric Vehicles

June 25, 2024

When will the eco-left and Biden administration understand that Americans do not want electric vehicles (EVs) forced on them? Despite the administration’s best efforts to make EVs attractive to Americans by subsidizing purchases, they remained below 10% of all 2023 auto sales. Additionally, many Americans who have been duped into buying these supposedly “superior” vehicles have been sorely disappointed in their performance. 

The Daily Caller reports,

“Approximately 46% of Americans who own an EV want to go back to a standard vehicle for their next purchase, citing issues like inadequate charging infrastructure and affordability, according to McKinsey’s study, which was obtained and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The study’s findings further suggest that the Biden administration’s EV push is struggling to land with American consumers, after 46% of respondents indicated that they are unlikely or very unlikely to purchase an EV in a June poll conducted by The Associated Press and the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute. Moreover, 58% of Americans are very likely to keep their current cars for longer, and 44% are likely to postpone a possible switch to EVs, McKinsey’s study found.”

However, the eco-left still has no plans to roll back their efforts to expand the EV market regardless of inadequate infrastructure, high prices, and lack of demand for the vehicles. 

“The Biden administration has a stated goal of having EVs make up 50% of all new car sales by 2030, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized stringent regulations in March that will force manufacturers to ensure that up to 56% of their light-duty vehicles are EVs by 2032.”

This is a lofty goal for vehicles that couldn’t even scratch the surface of the auto sales market this previous year without heavy government intervention. The free market should be deciding vehicle purchases in America, not eco-left elites who are out of touch with what the everyday American desires. Not only do these elites and the current administration want to tell you what car to purchase, but they also expect your tax dollars to finance the EV market through billions in subsidies. It’s becoming more apparent every day that the eco-left will stop at nothing to advance their agenda against the wishes of Americans.