American Rare Earth Mining *AND* American Rare Earth Processing? Hooray!

American Rare Earth Mining *AND* American Rare Earth Processing?  Hooray!

October 14, 2020

Alaska has a deep and rich history of mining in our state.  Our vast mineral deposit veins – stretching from north to south and east to west – gives us a plethora of opportunities to responsibly develop those and create both jobs and government revenues for decades.

According to a story in Metal Tech News, one of those opportunities is being brought to fruition by Ucore Rare Metals.  They have called their plans “Alaska2023”, and it would build a commercial-grade rare earths separation/purification plant (they call it a “Strategic Minerals Complex” or SMC) in Southeast Alaska, by 2023.  This would tie in wonderfully with Ucore’s proposed REE mine at Bokan Mountain, about 30 miles away from the SMC.

In the story, CEO Pat Ryan noted, “Ucore’s business plan is focused entirely on near-term US REE independence, by establishing downstream REE manufacturing and production capacity to cost-effectively transform US-allied-sourced REE feedstocks into 100% made-in-USA finished REE oxides.”

With a new emphasis on REE mining – with an ultimate goal of not only becoming less reliant on Chinese imports, but of American mineral independence – Ucore’s announcement is something we’ll be keeping a close eye on at Power The Future. 

After all, jobs, revenues and less Chinese control are all things that should excite red-blooded, patriotic Americans!