America Needs the Alaska Pebble Mine that Biden’s EPA Is Working to Block

America Needs the Alaska Pebble Mine that Biden’s EPA Is Working to Block

June 2, 2022

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are learning how important it is for the U.S. to be more self-sufficient when mining different metals and minerals. In fact, in February, the Biden-Harris administration announced significant investments to help expand our domestic critical mineral supply chains. So why do they keep taking steps to kill mines?

Last month, new rules from Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency put the Pebble Mine project, located in Alaska, in serious jeopardy.  The Wall Street Journal editorial board discusses the announcement:

“The Pebble site holds an estimated $300 billion to $500 billion in mineral resources and could be one of the world’s largest suppliers of copper and gold.” 

Things are not being thought through. Many green energy projects, including electric vehicles, wind, and solar power, require large amounts of copper. This administration wants to kill both gas-fueled cars and the mines that provide the materials needed for electric vehicles. 

“Minerals and metals will still be mined, but in countries with far fewer environmental protections such as Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and China. The next time a politician bemoans America’s supply-chain vulnerability, ask which specific mining project he supports.”

The WSJ hits the nail on the head. These minerals will still be mined, and we will pay the price. The Pebble Mine had the potential to provide hundreds of jobs and contribute to America’s mineral supply. Unfortunately, this administration has repeatedly shown that American energy independence is the last priority of their radical agenda.