America Does Not Need Radical Green Energy Policies

America Does Not Need Radical Green Energy Policies

May 28, 2020

The eco-left has been exploiting the recent pandemic as an opportunity to revive the failed Green New Deal. They’ve been doing so by using the recent relief packages as a surrogate to attempt to expeditiously sneak in green policies.

As our Executive Director Daniel Turner wrote in an op-ed for RealClear Energy:

In response to the Democrats’ most recent $3 trillion relief bill, which already includes over $3 billion in environmental provisions, the eco-left group 350 Action released a list of policies that it would like to see in the stimulus legislation. This wish list includes investing in renewable energy, preventing the construction of fossil fuel products, and blocking fossil fuel companies from receiving stimulus funding altogether.

Fossil fuels are essential to America’s economic and health recovery from Covid-19. To enact a plan like the Green New Deal, the eco-left’s champion policy to ban fossil fuels and immediately transition to renewable energy, entire industries would have to be destroyed. Specifically, more than 27 sectors of the economy would have to be replaced entirely or remade under this radical proposal. Americans and the U.S. economy need stability as we recover from Covid-19, not more uncertainty and lower-paying jobs.

Thankfully our energy industry has kept lights on, and power supplied to communities across the country as we combat this pandemic. The hard-working energy workers that have provided our country with reliable and cheap energy during this time of crisis deserve the same support they’ve given.

America has no appetite for an eco-left agenda. We need cheap energy and an industry that can kickstart the economy – something natural gas and oil proved to be capable of in 2009.

Our elected officials should be focusing on policies that promote economic recovery needed to stabilize the nation, instead of promoting their radical political agendas that would tear down the very industry keeping us running.