Ambler Road Project Moves Forward While Eco-Left Gnashes Teeth

Ambler Road Project Moves Forward While Eco-Left Gnashes Teeth

February 12, 2021

The Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority (AIDEA) took another step toward the eventual development of the Ambler Road when it authorized $35 million toward the project at its meeting earlier this week.

The money, which will be matched by Ambler Metals LLC, a joint venture of companies hoping to develop the Upper Kobuk Minerals Project in the area, will go toward pre-construction costs associated with connecting the Dalton Highway with the project area.  The 200-mile proposed road will allow for safe transportation from the project to the Port of Alaska.

The project will one day employ hundreds of workers – many from the surrounding regions of Alaska – and produce world-class quantities of high-quality Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead, Gold and Silver.

Of course, any progress made toward continued responsible development in Alaska is always met with whining and complaints from eco-extremists, and AIDEA was targeted once again.

In an Anchorage Daily News article summarizing the progress made on the road, several of the anti-development organizations tried (in vain) to smear the headway as out-of-touch, improper and tone-deaf.  Fortunately for Alaskans who appreciate a robust state economy, as well as the benefits the mining industry brings to our state, the eco-left’s grumbling is just that, and nothing more substantive.