All Too Familiar (and Frustrating) – Judge Delays Yet Another Alaskan Prospect

All Too Familiar (and Frustrating) – Judge Delays Yet Another Alaskan Prospect

May 19, 2022

When then-U.S. Senator Mark Begich championed Sharon Gleason for the opening to the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska, he touted her “fairness from the bench.”  Then-President Barack Obama nominated Sharon Gleason to the United States District Court for the District of Alaska in April 2011.

Since she was seated for her lifetime appointment, that ‘fairness” has been tough to spot.  She has become a darling of the eco-left, with decision after decision negatively impacting Alaska’s energy community.  Recent rulings have hurt some of Alaska’s best prospects and opportunities: drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), the 160,000-barrel-a-day Willow project in the NPR-A and the Pebble Mine, not to mention a decision that has kept a life-saving road from being built between the villages of King Cove and Cold Bay.

Yesterday, she continued her activism by tossing aside logic and backing the Biden Administration’s choice to side with environmental organizations to block continued progress on the road that would allow access to the Ambler Mining District in Northwest Alaska.

The radical environmentalists – and their favorite President and judge – must be missing the fact that the world needs the strategic and critical minerals found in world-class amounts throughout the Ambler District.  The deposits would allow the U.S. to cut into our dependence on Communist China and other countries that currently have a stranglehold on the supply chain of those products.

Her decision puts at risk hundreds of jobs, as well as domestic energy and national security. It delays the ability to increase “green” technology and dims – once again – a piece of Alaska’s bright energy future.

But none of that must matter to Gleason; she has proven to disgustingly prioritize wildlife above human life.  That’s bad news for Alaska, but good news for those misguided individuals and groups looking to lock up our state.  Power The Future will continue to champion the jobs and opportunities that Judge Gleason has shown to hate.  Maybe one day, she’ll see the light…maybe.