Albuquerque Gets In Line for Michael Bloomberg’s Cash

Albuquerque Gets In Line for Michael Bloomberg’s Cash

June 18, 2019

Apparently, the Big Apple isn’t big enough.

The City of Albuquerque decided to cede its energy future to the controversial former mayor of New York City earlier this week. In an announcement that didn’t make it far beyond the choir of the green church, Albuquerque’s Mayor Tim Keller announced the city is fully on board with Bloomberg’s Beyond Carbon plan which means the Duke City plans to be 100% renewable in just five years.

Oddly, the announcement appears no where on the official city press site. Usually, the key part to any announcement is the…announcing. Why is that not the case here?

Is it perhaps because Mayor Keller knows that joining forces with a controversial figure known for killing jobs may not appeal to most of his constituents? Bloomberg has pledged $500 million to not only kill coal jobs across the country, but he also plans to attack natural gas.

Keep in mind, the oil and natural gas industries have delivered thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to New Mexicans while Bloomberg’s New York is forced to import their energy from Russia. Sadly, it gets worse.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg’s groups were caught funding positions in Attorney General offices across the country. Will Bloomberg’s next stop be funding positions in Albuquerque?

We doubt that will merit an announcement.