Alaska’s Past, Present & Future Relies on Responsible Resource Development

Alaska’s Past, Present & Future Relies on Responsible Resource Development

February 2, 2024

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s sixth State of the State speech before the Alaska Legislature this week was delayed a day because of the inability for many to attend due to flights being unable to get into Juneau. However, Tuesday night it happened. It was a solid review of the past year of his administration’s accomplishments, along with a look ahead to his 2024 legislative agenda.

When it came to the portion of his speech regarding the development of Alaska’s vast resource base for development, Governor Dunleavy was direct, firm and unwavering, noting:

“Time after time, throughout our history, we’ve had to overcome forces aligned against Alaska building our own future. Time after time, we’ve overcome those forces and proved the naysayers wrong. This resilience and determination was, and still is, a point of pride for many Alaskans. This pride is the basis for the most inspirational motto of any state: North to the Future.

But North to the Future isn’t just a motto. It’s a directive. It’s a mission statement. It’s a roadmap to the Alaska Dream. We talk a lot about North to the Future. But many of our laws, our regulations, our practices, and our attitudes, unfortunately say something different.”

Dunleavy knows that the Biden Administration is holding Alaska hostage with its anti-American, pro-China, anti-jobs, pro-hands-out (rather than hands-up) actions.  He knows that Pebble, the NPR-A, ANWR, the Ambler Mining District and so many other responsible development opportunities are intentionally being thwarted, all in the name of saving the planet from a made-up ‘climate crisis.’

Here’s hoping the Legislature heard the intent, message and passion behind Dunleavy’s voice.