Alaska’s Largest Electric Utility Goes Woke, Then Proposes Price Hike

Alaska’s Largest Electric Utility Goes Woke, Then Proposes Price Hike

July 5, 2023

No matter how much lipstick is put on a pig, it is still a pig at its core.

That analogy applies perfectly to Alaska’s largest electric utility’s latest action as it proposed a rate increase for its 90,000 customers in a filing this week.  The spin around the proposed 5.9% hike, with Chugach noting they are leveling out costs between all ratepayers. They pair that excuse by adding higher costs due to inflation and reduced energy demand among its Southcentral Alaska service area.

We’re sure there are higher costs due to inflation (thanks, President Biden,) and with Anchorage’s dwindling population, there are fewer ratepayers to cover Chugach’s operating costs.

Let’s be honest, the real driver for the rate increase is to fund investment in renewable sources of energy, which is being led by a combination of an eco-centric Board of Directors and organizations who seek a transition from natural gas to wind and solar – and at an accelerated timeframe that will force a market transition before it would naturally occur.

Make no mistake: radical environmental groups who have their talons in a majority the Chugach board following the latest utility elections have been planning the takeover – and subsequent actions we’ll see happen over the next few months – for a long time.  Now that they’re in power, a rate increase is just the beginning.

Never let it be said that elections don’t have consequences.  Let’s hope Anchorage voters wise up shortly and take its collective power back from those looking to assert radical environmentalism into every facet of daily life.