Alaska’s Governor Dunleavy Delivers Remarks at White House

Alaska’s Governor Dunleavy Delivers Remarks at White House

July 17, 2020

It isn’t often that Alaska’s Governor has a chance to speak at a White House event.  But the relationship between Governor Mike Dunleavy and President Trump is exceptional; the men have met eight times since Dunleavy took office in January 2019.  That relationship most likely helped Dunleavy gain an invite to – and speaking opportunity during – a White House event focused on regulatory reform.

Dunleavy’s message to Trump and the other attendees focused on how Alaska will benefit from the reduced regulatory burdens facing many Alaskans, as well as how Alaskans need continued regulatory relief from bloated government. 

It was highlighted in Vice President Pence’s introduction of Dunleavy that – at a state level – the governor and his team had modified or rolled back 239 regulations in over 100 professions in his first year in office.

As President Trump’s and Governor Dunleavy’s initiatives on regulatory reform continue onward, there is sure to be a positive impact for those working in the energy industries that are so vital to rural America.  Retaining reliable energy jobs and gaining new ones – through opening prospects unencumbered by unnecessary and overburdening regulation – will be a key to recovery and reinvigoration of the American economy in the months and years ahead. 

Power The Future will continue to highlight the ways in which America is benefitting from leaders who put American energy jobs in the forefront and celebrate them, rather than threaten them as part of harmful political policies designed to weaken our great nation.

Watch Dunleavy’s full speech: