Alaska’s Eco-Left Protests…A Sustainable Energy Conference?

Alaska’s Eco-Left Protests…A Sustainable Energy Conference?

June 10, 2022

Late last month, Anchorage played host to a three-day Sustainable Energy Conference.  Speakers from across the nation discussed energy trends, including ways Alaska can lead the nation’s push for domestic supplies of critical and strategic minerals, as well as other materials associated with what some call a necessary push to more ‘green’ energy.

The conference – to its credit – included the continued responsible development of traditional energy sources as part of the long-term sustainability equation.  The conference organizers understand that Alaska’s oil, gas and mineral resources are among the world’s most abundant, high-grade and easy-to-access.

That decision to include traditional energy in the conversation didn’t sit well with members of Alaska’s radical environmental organizations.  They decided to protest the event, with a dozen or so picketing outside the conference location.  Their organizational newsletters claimed they had an exceptional impact; a delusional thought at best.

With the choice between American energy supplies or continued reliance on Communist China and other despot and rogue countries for the materials being binary, rational Americans would certainly choose the former. 

The extremist mindset of an immediate, all-or-nothing move toward renewable energy would put Alaska and America in the same perilous position much of Europe finds itself: subservient to China and Russia, facing skyrocketing energy costs that are exponentially higher than what we are seeing at home, and dependent on an energy source that is neither reliable nor resilient.

But that’s what the eco-left wants.  And that’s why we must stand and fight together, each and every day.