Alaskans Have Lots to Be Thankful For this Weekend

Alaskans Have Lots to Be Thankful For this Weekend

November 23, 2022

In spite of the all-out assault on traditional energy and fossil fuels from the Biden administration, which has crippled and shuttered many of Alaska’s prospects and projects, we have a number of things to be thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving, 2022.

First, we live in God’s playground; the most beautiful place in America, if not the world.  Let’s not take that for granted, because our opponents believe the only way to protect its grandeur is to kill jobs and turn Alaska into one giant park.  We know better, and practice the most stringent balance between stewardship and responsible development, in order to keep the Great Land heaven on earth.

Next, we have Michael Dunleavy as our current and future Governor.  Under Dunleavy, we have a fierce champion for opening Alaska for business, while doing so under strict regulations.  Governor Dunleavy’s next four years could bring opportunities not seen in decades, as long as activist judges and the federal bureaucracy don’t overstep their authorities.

Next, our congressional leaders are reasons to be thankful.  Although we don’t always agree with our federal delegation when it comes to opposing solid and safe-to-develop projects like the Pebble Mine, Senators Murkowski and Sullivan are proven advocates for the jobs and revenues associated with responsible development.  Congresswoman Peltola has talked a good game during her campaigns; let’s hope she follows through with those, even as her Democratic colleagues pressure her to follow her party’s anti-development platform.

We could go on and on with our reasons to be thankful, to include our friends in trade associations, the state legislature, local government and more.  All are reasons to celebrate this weekend, for sure.

Power The Future started because we realized that energy workers needed a voice and an organization that would champion them without hesitation, against well-funded, job-killing activist organizations funded by radical ideologues.  We are thankful each and every day for the tens of thousands of Alaskans working in the energy and resource-development sectors of our amazing state.  Without you, our lives would be completely different.  We celebrate you each and every day, and will never give up our fight to protect your livelihoods. Our past is incredible, and our future is bright.  Happy Thanksgiving, Alaska.