Alaskan Eco-Group Calls for “Just Transition”, But What Does That Mean?

Alaskan Eco-Group Calls for “Just Transition”, But What Does That Mean?

July 20, 2021

With all of the amazing summer opportunities available to Alaskans in full display – long, sunny days; plentiful fish; amazing hikes with abundant wildlife, flora and fauna – it is easy to forget that a battle is being waged against our state’s energy community.

The eco-Left hasn’t stopped with its mission to ‘decarbonize’ our nation, in an effort to offset the ‘existential threat of climate change.’

In Alaska, radical, out-of-touch organizations attack our energy community at every turn.  They protest opportunities to put Alaskans to work.  They urge their small (but tightly-knit and energized) groups of supporters to intervene and disrupt processes designed to bring Alaska economic prosperity.

And, in the case of Cook Inletkeeper, a Homer-based organization, they urge their supporters to “learn more about the principles of ‘decolonization’ and a ‘just transition’ by linking to the Indigenous Environmental Network. Once there, you learn that ‘just transition’ means:

Just Transition is a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable and just. After centuries of global plunder, the profit-driven, growth-dependent, industrial economy is severely undermining the life support systems of Mother Earth. An economy based on extracting from a finite system faster than the capacity of the Earth to regenerate will eventually come to an end…Just Transition requires us to build an economy for life in a way that is very different than the economy we are in now. This calls for strategies that democratize, decentralize and diversify economic activity while we damper down consumption, and redistribute resources and power.

“Redistribute resources and power” and “decentralize economic activity” sure sound like buzzwords of Socialism, not of free-market economics.

By supporting ideological statements such as those espoused above, Cook Inletkeeper puts itself – and its supporters – squarely in the camp of anti-Americanism, opposing our economic and political systems that are currently the envy of most of the world.

By aligning itself with those who hate what America is, and promoting a ‘just transition’ away from our current successes, Cook Inletkeeper proves itself to be on the lunatic fringe.

Alaskans need to know about this dangerous organization, and spread the message with us that Inletkeeper – and organizations like it across the Great Land – do not speak for rational Alaskans.