Alaska Senator Knows Who to Blame for Record Inflation

Alaska Senator Knows Who to Blame for Record Inflation

April 14, 2022

Before anyone starts down the road of making excuses for the weak-kneed efforts from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let’s make this point clear: Joe Biden – not anyone else – is responsible for the mess America is in today.

If Joe Biden hadn’t capitulated to the eco-Left’s demands to destroy American energy independence, we wouldn’t have the supply-side challenges we have today.

If Joe Biden had listened to leading economists, who warned him that inflation could spin out of control, we wouldn’t have the highest inflation in the past four decades today.

But Joe Biden has failed on each of these.

This reality prompted a sharp response from Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) who said her state stands ready to help if only the Biden Administration would let them:

“What we are seeing demands a comprehensive response from the Biden administration, the Federal Reserve, and policymakers. As part of that, we need to focus on supply chains and increase the domestic supply of a wide range of resources—starting with energy, which rose by 11 percent over the past month alone—and extending to minerals, which form the basis for just about every product in our modern society.

“Alaska is uniquely positioned to help, if only the Biden administration would allow us to do so. We can produce more oil, to ease pain at the pump. We can build a gas line, to add billions of cubic feet to world markets each day. We can produce graphite, cobalt, and many additional minerals to help restrain rising commodity prices. And we can do all this without compromising environmental standards and continuing to reduce emissions.

Today, Biden’s inflation is hurting American families with no real relief in sight.  Draining our nation’s petroleum reserves isn’t going to have a fundamental impact on gas prices anytime soon.  The cost to heat (or cool, depending on where you are across the country) your home isn’t dropping back to 2019’s levels anytime this year.  Grocery prices aren’t suddenly going to go down.  Supply-chain issues aren’t going to miraculously resolve themselves.

And Joe Biden will continue to wander through the halls of the White House, wondering why people are blaming him for their economic struggles.

Because, Joe, you did this.