Alaska Needs Roads and Railroads to Reach Our Resource Opportunities

Alaska Needs Roads and Railroads to Reach Our Resource Opportunities

January 26, 2022

Regardless of the guaranteed outcry from the wildlife-above-human-life crowd, the Alaska Railroad should be making plans to significantly increase its footprint across our state. More roads should be on the menu too.

Additional roads and railroad routes will open our state’s mineral wealth for responsible development.  According to the Fraser Institute’s 2020 Annual Survey of Mining Companies, only 41% of respondents felt any level of confidence that Alaska had adequate infrastructure to encourage investment in future mining opportunities.  Even enviros who struggle with math know that means nearly 60% of respondents feel bearish about their ability to count on access to potential sites; placing Alaska in the bottom third of worldwide mining jurisdictions.

While Alaska has incredible reserves of critical and strategic minerals, if producers can’t access them, they won’t be developed anytime soon. That’s why support from state and federal government, coupled with private capital and investment, is such a critical need moving forward. There is no doubt investments in road and rail today will pay big dividends in the future for Alaskans.

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) continues to make wise and proactive moves to strengthen responsible development of our resources.  Despite guaranteed backlash from the eco-left and the obstructionist tactics they employ, AIDEA is walking their talk and meeting its mission, currently championing roads to reach the Ambler Mining and West Susitna resource bases.

Power The Future applauds organizations, like AIDEA, looking to drive investment and opportunity for Alaskans, and we’ll continue to fight back against misguided organizations and idealogues efforts to dim our bright energy future.