Alaska, It’s Time to Lead on Energy

Alaska, It’s Time to Lead on Energy

January 18, 2023

The two-year anniversary of Joe Biden and his team of eco-extremists taking up shop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue occurs this week.  Ever since he swore to uphold the Constitution and lead our great country, it has been outright war on energy workers across Alaska and America.

The list of attacks on the Great Land and our resource-based economy are long and egregious.  From the day-one Executive Order halting progress made on exploration and drilling in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to recent delays of Cook Inlet oil and gas lease sales, team Biden has done everything it can to weaponize environmental regulations against the men and women who work in energy and resource development across the state.

Thankfully, our Congressional delegation has pushed back as best it can against Biden, and Governor Dunleavy and his team of executive-branch leaders have, too. 

Now, it is time to fight back even harder.

Alaska’s a unique state, in that our Statehood Compact mandated – yes, mandated – that we develop our natural resource wealth, so that we wouldn’t be a drain on the federal government.  Our Constitution is clear on that issue as well; we are to use our lands and waters to enrich the state and its people. 

So as the Legislature gavels in, the Governor leads from his office and our Congressional delegation does from Washington, D.C., let’s remember that Alaska is different, and that we shouldn’t allow the Biden/eco-left shenanigans without an intense and full-throated fight.