Alaska is Fortunate to Have Governor Dunleavy

Alaska is Fortunate to Have Governor Dunleavy

May 13, 2021

Alaskans working in the energy community – whether oil, gas, mining or production – have seen the Biden Administration take actions that should concern them.  From ceasing oil and gas leasing and permitting progress on federal lands, to showing disdain for pipelines and other necessary infrastructure, it has been a frustrating start to 2021 from the federal government.

Thankfully, Alaska has a governor who has the energy community’s back. 

The difference between federal actions and those of Governor Dunleavy and his administration is stark and striking. 

Whereas the Biden Administration has nearly-incompetent, highly politicized agency leadership in Deb Haaland (Interior), Pete Buttigieg (Transportation) and elsewhere, the Dunleavy Administration has expert-level leadership in areas crucial to Alaska’s energy future.  With Corri Feige (DNR), Jason Brune (DEC) and John McKinnon (Transportation and Public Facilities) heading keystone agencies, Alaska’s energy community is in good hands.

Whereas Biden has allowed Alaska’s energy future to be thrown into question, Governor Dunleavy has consistently stood up for opportunities to grow jobs, increase state wealth and provide for generational opportunities for our state.

And while environmentalists – and their anti-Alaskan, lock-up-the-lands mentality – have made headway with the federal ‘leadership’ in Washington, DC, they’ve been asked to provide facts – and not just feelings-led-fear-mongering – when they’ve charged the Dunleavy team to oppose responsible development.

Power The Future has seen that a state led by anti-development, ‘just-transition’-driven leadership – in New Mexico, Minnesota and elsewhere – stifles opportunity for growth.  Contrast that with Alaska, and it is clear that leaders like Governor Dunleavy provide hope for jobs, opportunities and development of projects in the future.

Great job, Governor.  Alaska is fortunate to have you.

Photo used under Creative Commons license courtesy Paxson Woelber, The Alaska Landmine