Alaska, If You Want a Bright Energy Future, It is Time to Get Involved

Alaska, If You Want a Bright Energy Future, It is Time to Get Involved

May 5, 2021

As Daniel Turner and I have traveled throughout Alaska these past couple of days, we have met with representatives of nearly every major economic driver of our state’s economy.

What we have heard time after time is how business, industry and political leaders recognize that the eco-left is energized by their Congressional majorities (however small they are) and having Joe Biden in the White House.  The radical environmentalists have been invigorated by their colleagues and so-called ‘leaders’ being elevated into prominent positions in the federal government. 

That energy has poured itself out into the public arena, as state and local hearings on any number of topics devolve into echo chambers of anti-development rhetoric, with carbon-copy talking points mindlessly spouted by members of the ‘just transition’ and ‘leave-it-in-the-ground’ movements, who make up barely recognizable minorities of Alaskans when looked at against our overall population.

But, if their voices are the only ones being heard – and make no mistake, their numbers versus those providing factual information and rational thought are significantly higher – then the enemies of Alaska’s bright energy future can claim ‘victory’, and vilify those who vote or act against their ‘clear majority’ positions.

So this is a call to action.  It is time to get involved in leveling the playing field; silencing the one-sidedness of recent public hearings.  Over the next 90 days, Power The Future will be ramping up our activities to help build coalitions, engage Alaskans who know how well we balance environmental stewardship and responsible development on a daily basis, and bind together those of us who are sick of being told that this band of miscreants somehow speak for the majority of us.

If you want to join this rejuvenation of rational, factual and forward-thinking Alaskans, contact me at  Together, we’ll turn this around.  Alaska’s future depends on all of us being there for each other.