Alaska Gasline Has a Supplier! Project Takes Big Step Forward

Alaska Gasline Has a Supplier! Project Takes Big Step Forward

June 4, 2024

Earlier today, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) announced it had entered into a Gas Sales Precedent Agreement (“GSPA”) between AGDC subsidiary 8 Star Alaska LLC and Great Bear Pantheon, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pantheon Resources.

The announcement is huge news for advocates of the Alaska LNG pipeline project, which would deliver gas from Alaska’s North Slope to a terminus in its southcentral region.

Aside from hundreds of Alaska jobs, there is long-term potential for exportability of North Slope gas.  First and foremost, however, having a firm supply of gas makes it easier for the AK-LNG project to complete its FEED process and work to negotiate purchasers of its product.

Seeing how the Alaska Railbelt faces potential natural gas supply shortages by the end of the decade, any progress made to bring firm supplies of Alaska-developed gas is fantastic news.  Natural gas from the Slope is certainly a better option than importing it from Outside, or relying on intermittent and higher-risk renewables as baseline solutions.

Power The Future is thrilled to see this development, and we’ll have AGDC representatives on the PTF Energy Hour next Tuesday (June 11th) to talk about it.  You can hear the Energy Hour on KVNT 1020 AM, 92.5 or 104.5 FM or online at from 5-6PM Alaska time.