Alaska Eco-Left Gets It Right: Biden’s Green New Tax Legislation *Is* Bad for Our State

Alaska Eco-Left Gets It Right: Biden’s Green New Tax Legislation *Is* Bad for Our State

August 11, 2022

The headline reads “As Congress prepares to pass climate bill, Alaska environmentalists see more harm than good”.

We are glad the anti-jobs, anti-economy, extremist organizations in Alaska are finally coming around to our way of thinking. Unfortunately, we know that isn’t the case. 

Rational Alaskans know that the “Inflation Reduction Act” is anything but, and will lead to massive new debt and may actually drive us further into a recession.  They know the incredible amounts being spent (and money created for) the climate-related provisions are nothing more than the Green New Deal, repackaged and repurposed under the IRA.

While the eco-left gnashes their collective teeth about a few lease sales in Alaska and actually has the gall to bemoan projects that would help domestic production of critical and strategic minerals that are necessary for their ‘green revolution’, sensible Alaskans know that the push for wind and solar energy at the expense of traditional sources will lead to higher prices for consumers, less-reliable power and decreased high-paying jobs in our keystone industries.

The most laughable comment in the Alaska Dispatch story noted above came from Bernadette Dementieff with the Gwich’in Steering Committee, an Outside-funded, leave-it-in-the-ground group who cloaks their message with cries of racism for anyone who dares challenge their misguided opposition to drilling in the Coastal Plain of ANWR.  Dementieff mourned that the Act didn’t specifically include permanent protection against drilling in ANWR, conveniently overlooking the fact that federal law actually requires lease sales in the Coastal Plain.

In the end, the Act will most likely pass and become law – although we are still hoping moderate members of the House will vote against it. The Act is going to be horrible for all of us.