Alaska, Don’t Let Eco-Extremists Assail the True Reason for “Wild Salmon Day”

Alaska, Don’t Let Eco-Extremists Assail the True Reason for “Wild Salmon Day”

August 3, 2021

Alaskans celebrate a truly unique event, “Wild Salmon Day”, every August 10th.  From the Department of Fish & Game’s press release announcing its beginnings in 2016:

“Governor Bill Walker signed House Bill 128 into law on May 8, 2016 establishing August 10th of each year as Alaska Wild Salmon Day. We at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game take time to honor this first annual day to celebrate this sustainable resource that is woven into the lifeblood of all Alaskans. Alaska’s constitution mandates sustainably managed fisheries and we are proud to be tasked with this challenging job. Our highest priority is to manage Alaska’s prized wild salmon populations for long-term sustainability so that future generations will continue to have the opportunity to harvest and enjoy this abundant renewable resource.

Whether it is sport, personal use, subsistence, or commercial fishing, Alaskans have a deep connection to the wild salmon that are a critical part of the Alaskan economy, culture, ecosystem, and identity. Today, we invite all Alaskans to join us in a shared appreciation of this treasured resource and to celebrate our common affection and ardor for our Alaska wild salmon.”

The celebration of the salmon can be found in freezers and jars across Alaska, as nearly every family is able to fish for the prize throughout the state.  Whether being caught commercially, via rod-and-reel, in dipnets or in fish wheels via subsistence activities, the five species of Alaska salmon are truly treasured by our state.

Unfortunately, the eco-left has decided to make “Wild Salmon Day” political.  Instead of celebrating near-annual new record returns, they’ve sent emails, published posts on social media and sent press releases announcing how Alaskans should be worried about the demise of salmon from poor fishery management, climate change and development projects.

Groups like the Alaska Center (for the Environment), Cook Inletkeeper, Northern Alaska Environmental Center and Southeast Alaska Conservation Center all claim to care about Alaska and its resources.  But, by telling mistruths about weather and weather patterns, overstating the impacts of responsible development on ecosystems and exaggerating impacts on wildlife from basic human interactions, their messages become nothing more than nonsense.

On August 10th, we’ll be celebrating salmon.  Fresh, naturally-raised Alaska salmon, and doing so without the fake, us-versus-them, wildlife-above-human life narratives of the radicalized environmental movement.  We welcome you to join us, no matter where you might be across this great nation.