AIDEA Continues Making Progress on Ambler Access

AIDEA Continues Making Progress on Ambler Access

June 21, 2023

In spite of the Biden Administration’s attempts to stifle it, Alaska’s resource development future is exceptionally bright.  From oil and gas projects including Willow, Pikka and the Alaska LNG pipeline to mining opportunities including Ambler, Pebble, Palmer and Bokan Mountain, the radical environmental army – in partnership with career eco-driven bureaucrats in the Swamp – is doing everything they can to thwart progress on job creation and domestic supply-chain sourcing.

In the northwest portion of Interior Alaska, the Ambler Mining District awaits, with hundreds of millions of tons of copper, cobalt and strategic and critical minerals under the surface of the Congressionally-approved mining district.  The 211-mile proposed road that will connect the Dalton Highway with the District was already approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and has a clean Environmental Impact Statement. But, team Biden put the process on hold shortly after taking office, and now has delayed the re-authorization until mid-2024.

Yesterday, the State of Alaska’s development authority – AIDEA – was featured on the Power The Future Energy Hour radio show.  AIDEA’s Executive Director, Randy Ruaro, spoke about the Ambler Access project at length, noting their recent outreach efforts to communities and interested parties, and the positive results from their efforts.

With Alaska’s Congressional delegation, the state legislature, Governor and many tribal and Alaska Native organizations supportive of the project, it is time for the Biden Administration to stop playing games with the lives of Northwest Alaska’s villages.  It is time to re-authorize the Ambler Access project and fulfill Congress’ desire to establish supply chains that will help offset the chokehold China has on our country for ‘green’ technology resources.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Randy Ruaro on the Energy Hour here.