Advocating for California’s Energy Worker

Advocating for California’s Energy Worker

March 19, 2018

We launched Power The Future only 1 month ago to advocate for the men and women who work in the energy industry. Their jobs are constantly under threat from well-organized, well-funded political groups.  Probably no other state is under more political pressure to shut down its energy sector than California.

We’re here to offer some help.

Mercury News released some amazing numbers just about California’s oil industry: it creates more than 350,000 jobs and $111 billion in income for the state. And that’s just one sector of the energy industry!  Add it to the others including solar and wind, and it’s an amazing resource for the state.  Something to celebrate!

We’re going to use our platforms to reach Californians and share with them stories, facts, and research about what’s at stake in California. This includes calling out the ominous rhetoric from those who are playing politics with energy workers’ futures. By building a community to stand up to political pressure, we can advocate for jobs, for rural energy communities, and for the men and women who Power The Future.