A Well Deserved “Thank You”

A Well Deserved “Thank You”

March 16, 2018

The news organization Axios published a piece this morning about record-breaking US energy exports. Power The Future knows who to thank: the men and women in the field working hard, solving problems, thinking of new and better ways to do their job, and harvesting enough energy to make America the soon-to-be world leader in energy production.

Thank an energy worker today. Even if you can’t do that in person, you can when you turn on your lights, start your car, plug in the coffee pot. Even reading this on your phone or computer is an acknowledgement that they are out there, millions of them, working to provide you with the energy that sustains your life. You’re welcome!

The best part of this story is what it means for our rural communities: job. High paying, quality, family raising, neighborhood sustaining jobs for millions of men and women. We see communities like southeastern New Mexico showing tremendous economic growth and with that comes more funding for education and the community.

How out of touch are groups like Sierra Club and San Juan Citizens Alliance and Center for Biological Diversity that they would want to shut all this down? Power The Future will do its part to make sure these groups, funded by billionaire political ideologues like Tom Steyer and George Soros, never threaten the jobs of the men and women who work in this industry.