A Sign of the Times? Californians Vote in Favor of Fossil Fuel Energy

A Sign of the Times? Californians Vote in Favor of Fossil Fuel Energy

June 21, 2022

Late last week, voters in Ventura County, California voted to reject new oil and gas development restrictions. Voters said no to regulations that would have led to the shutdown of 34 active oil fields. In doing so, they saved thousands of jobs, voiced support for reliable American energy, and sent a message to the eco left.  

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes: 

“The new rules would have threatened 2,000 or so workers whose jobs depend on the oil and gas industry. They also could have cost mineral rights owners up to $50 million in royalty and leasing payments, and local schools and public safety tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.” 

Ventura County is located northwest of Los Angeles, and 59 percent of its voters supported President Biden in the 2020 election. Making last week’s vote even more shocking. Americans are waking up and seeing how harmful it can be to rely on outside energy sources.  

“This may be Ventura County’s fight, but it’s a defeat for the whole country,’ moaned an activist with the green outfit Food & Water Watch, which campaigned heavily for the referenda. If the climate left is losing support even in California, the reason is that its radical solutions have lost touch with economic and climate reality.” 

Families across the country are hurting and are signaling they are in favor of reliable and affordable fossil energy. The writing on the wall is clear. The Biden/Harris administration must swallow their pride and unleash American energy.