A Saga: Biden’s Unkept Promises

A Saga: Biden’s Unkept Promises

October 22, 2021

Throughout his campaign President Biden has claimed there would be plenty of clean energy jobs as he slashed good-paying energy jobs across the U.S. as part of his green agenda. Unsurprisingly, this is another unkept promise from President Biden.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) discusses how after Biden depleted oil and gas industry jobs promising green ones to replace them, none have been added and existing green energy workers are getting laid off.

As a candidate, Grassley said, Biden made several campaign promises about increasing use of renewable energy.

“When it came to Iowa, that was mostly about ethanol,” but also wind energy,” Grassley said Wednesday during a call with Iowa reporters.

In one appearance, Biden said the Renewable Fuel Standard “marks our bond with our farmers and our commitment to a thriving economy.”

Unfortunately, Biden has once again fallen through on his promises. Not only have no green energy jobs been added, the renewable energy workers who were already in the industry are losing their jobs.

Now, TPI Composites, a Newton manufacturer of wind turbine blades, has announced it will lay off 710 workers and Arcosa Wind Towers is idling about 80 employees, Grassley said.

Despite Biden’s campaign promises of adding over 10 million green energy jobs, “in Iowa, people who already work in the clean energy sector … are getting pink slips,” Grassley said.

“President Biden needs to prioritize biofuels and fight for American wind energy workers if he’s going to come anywhere close to fulfilling his campaign promise,” Grassley said.”

Biden has made his stance on energy clear – he is pro-foreign energy and against our domestic energy industry.

Right now, American households are suffering thanks to the Biden administration. Prices for gas and essential goods are skyrocketing and both fossil fuel and renewable energy sectors are cutting jobs. As we have said in past blogs, this winter is going to be tough for American families. Biden continues to give false promises on helping the U.S. economy and provide new jobs, instead his ill-informed policies are hurting both the economy and workforce.