A 1780 Tweet

A 1780 Tweet

November 9, 2018

“In a huge win for @KingGeorge3, the American General @BenArnold has provided a map of @WestPoint and plans for @GW’s entire #AmericanRebellion.”

That’s how Power The Future feels about The National Resources Defense Council gloating that an activist (Obama appointed) Judge has temporarily stopped the Keystone Pipeline construction.  Forget about the fact that the Obama Administration’s own research and studies showed the Keystone Pipeline to be compliant and safe.  Forget about the fact that Obama himself supported the Pipeline (right up until it became a political win for him to oppose it).  What about the 13,000 jobs?  What about the tax revenue for schools and infrastructure?

What about the people from these states who have a right to grow their state in prosperity and economic opportunity without the New York City based NRDC telling them what they should do?

We have a lot of problems with the NRDC.  First and foremost, we have ideological problems, as they believe in junk science and a disregard for human flourishing.  But we also have an allegiance problem.  NRDC, as we have pointed out before, is under congressional scrutiny for their close ties to and funding from Communist China.  It raises the question that if they are doing the bidding of China, who has every intention of disrupting America’s energy dominance, then why are they allowed to push a domestic agenda without declaring themselves a foreign agent?

We are not saying NRDC is an American traitor.  But an organization whose activities continually curtail and even punish American economic prosperity, and whose multi-million dollar funding from a major international adversary, well… their actions say it loud enough.