Eco-Extremists in Canada Imperiling LNG Export Project – Take Action to Help!

Eco-Extremists in Canada Imperiling LNG Export Project – Take Action to Help!

November 28, 2023

Anyone who has spent time listening to the eco-left spout their drivel about going carbon-neutral, stopping fossil fuel projects from being developed and the ‘existential threat’ of a ‘climate crisis’ know that it isn’t just America being impacted.

We learned of a project in British Columbia, Canada that would provide regional jobs while being developed in partnership with Indigenous communities.  The Ksi Lisims LNG Project is a proposed floating natural gas liquification facility and marine terminal, and it would allow LNG – in demand from countries around the world – to be exported safely and efficiently. Still, none of that matters to the radical fringe, and they’re fighting the Project with all their might. 

In a move that should sound very familiar to those who track the eco-left playbook, the B.C. government has fast-tracked the comment period, with the deadline fast approaching on December 2nd.  They’re also not limiting comments geographically, and further, are factoring in sheer numbers as much as the quality of the comments.  This has turned the process into a sideshow, instead of being a substantive chance to weigh in on the Project’s pros and cons.

So, we’ve provided comments, and are asking our friends and followers to as well.  If the ‘just say no’ crowd can submit comments en masse, we should be able to match them!

You can find talking points on the project and the link to provide comments by clicking here.  It will only take a few minutes of your time, and it will offset the shenanigans by the project’s opponents, who have responded with fear-over-facts statements designed to stop it.

We appreciate learning about this solid export opportunity in Canada, and will definitely stay on top of the Project.  Thanks, in advance, for taking time this week to make your voice heard!