July 1, 2019

The environmental group 350.org had extremist roots from the beginning. Founded by Bill McKibben, an aggressive environmental activist with a history of controversial comments, the group continues to push policies that harm regular Americans.

Bill McKibben 

McKibben has a long rap sheet of controversial comments and positions. He blames the growth economy for climate change. He has fought for increased taxes on the energy that everyday Americans need to get by. McKibben and a cadre of nearly 50 other activists were arrested outside the White House while demonstrating over the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Far-Left Policies

Of 350’s destructive policy proposals, few are more harmful than the “Green New Deal,” which would severely undermine the American economy for decades to come. It would eliminate fossil fuels in an impossible time frame, end nuclear energy, remove most vehicles on the road, rebuild or retrofit every home in America, potentially end air travel, institute a government takeover of healthcare, and pay those unwilling to work, among other irresponsible proposals.

Supports Banning All Coal, Oil and Gas

The group has advocated banning all coal, gas and oil development in the U.S. with its “Keep It In The Ground” campaign. In 2018, natural gas, petroleum, and coal supported a whopping 1.62 million jobs.

Hiking energy prices to unprecedented levels, destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs, and creating a major energy shortage nationwide are only a few of the many consequences of this dangerous policy.

Opposes Pipelines

Since McKibben was arrested while protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline, it is no surprise that 350 expressed its support for the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. The 350 activists opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline even though it could create “an estimated 8,000 to 12,000 jobs during construction” and would be a “critical link from the Bakken Formation, which supports more than 80,000 North Dakota jobs.”

On top of that, the Keystone XL Pipeline could create 3,900 temporary construction jobs, support 42,100 other  jobs and “would contribute $3.4 billion to the nation’s output.” According to the Associated Press, the State Department “estimated that Keystone XL would generate $70 million in new state and local taxes along the route during construction and $55.6 million in property taxes once oil starts flowing.” That means new roads, schools, infrastructure and more for the local residents all went out the window because of environmental ideologues.

Trashy Protesters

It seems the love for the Earth doesn’t always extend to 350 activists’ personal conduct. After 350 encouraged its supporters to protest at Standing Rock, 21 million pounds of trash and at least 12 dogs were left behind at the site of the protest. Of course, the cleanup set the state of North Dakota back $1.1 million. Overall, 350’s contribution to the energy conversation has been blatant hypocrisy, liberal extremism and job-killing policies.

Top Staff

Bill McKibben – Senior Advisor, Co-Founder

Humphreys Munai – Chief Operating Officer

Hoda Baraka – Chief Communications Officer

Richard Brooks – Fossil Free & Divestment Campaigns Coordinator

May Boeve – Executive Director

James Clark – Digital Campaigns Manager

Louise Hazan – Associate Director, Editorial

Jamie Henn – Strategic Communications

Mahir Illgaz – Grants And Research Coordinator

Anna Keenan – Fossil Free Community Manager

Glen Klatovsky – Deputy CEO/Campaign Strategist

Olivia Langhoff – Regional Director

Claudio Magliulo – Deputy Director, Traditional Communications

Jeremy Osborn – Director Of Risk And Compliance, Co-Founder

Sara Shor – US Keep It In The Ground Campaign Manager

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin – North America Director

Hanna Thomas – Chief Product Officer