While Loony Left Raises Climate Alarm, Would-Be Leaders Promise Zero Action

While Loony Left Raises Climate Alarm, Would-Be Leaders Promise Zero Action

October 23, 2018

While leaders of the loony left like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tom Steyer screech about the impending doom of climate change, Democratic congressional leaders are in no hurry to do anything about it.

According to a recent report in The Hill, “Democrats are unlikely to pursue major climate change legislation if they win the House majority,” noting the, “shift in strategy from when House Democrats last controlled the chamber.”

You’ll recall back in 2009, the Nancy Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed a controversial cap and trade bill that went nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate. A year later, many Democratic members of the House lost their jobs in part because of their vote for the job-killer that was a political death-knell in battleground districts.

Since then, the alarmist cries from the left have only gotten louder on climate issues. A recent report from the United Nations predicting doom and gloom was a rallying cry. Last month during a California climate change summit, Pelosi issued her version of a clarion call for action:

“For us, combating global warming is not an issue.  It is an ethic. It is a value. And it is imperative that we act upon that value.”

Yet as a leader of her party and potentially the next Speaker of the House, she has no plan to do anything substantive about it legislatively? What gives?

Say what you will about Pelosi, but she knows how to read the political tea leaves. Polls have shown climate change near the bottom of the heap of voters’ priorities. It may rally their base and liberal donors in New York City, but it doesn’t rank anywhere near the top of mind for average voters.

How the left squares that circle will be their headache for a different day. At Power The Future, we sincerely hope that any misguided efforts to crush our energy economy through senseless regulations ends up where it belongs: on the ash heap of history.