When Communities Grow

When Communities Grow

March 13, 2018

With nearly 14,000 locations in the USA, it’s hard to imagine a city without a Starbucks. The chain is so prevalent in big cities’ every day life that going to Starbucks is synonymous with “getting coffee” like searching for something online is “Googling”. So congrats to the people of Carlsbad, New Mexico for getting your first Starbucks. We hope you enjoy it!

But let’s look to the root WHY you are getting a Starbucks: investment. Growth. Optimism. Why? Because of the energy industry. New Mexico, and particularly the the southeastern part of the state, had a stellar, a banner, a record breaking year in energy production, and it’s something to really celebrate. With growth comes other industry: home building, retail, restaurants and Starbucks. This means jobs, and a greater tax base for local budgets. It’s all good news!

This great growth happened in New Mexico despite the radical environmental movement’s effort to thwart it. They’d rather do the bidding of their billionaire donors by creating a political climate which threatens the industry and puts the jobs of tens of thousands of New Mexicans at risk. They’d rather Carlsbad not have any growth…

One day the manager of the new Carlsbad Starbucks is going to see a patron wearing a “no fossil fuels” pin ordering an iced caramel macchiato. I hope the manager can just chuckle and make the drink… hypocrisy is sometimes comprehended with laughter.